We look for series that demonstrate intelligent, original takes on traditional forms and address timely social issues. The economic model of digital publishing allows Plympton to take creative risks that more expensive mainstream formats could not support.


CRASH! How I Lost a Hundred Billion and Found True Love, by Julian Gough.

#1 UK Kindle Single bestseller in fiction!

No writer can get more laughs out of economic disaster than two-time Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse finalist Julian Gough, whose “The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble” was the first short story to be published in The Financial Times.

Jude, a profoundly unsuccessful chicken farmer, finds himself at the center of Europe’s sovereign debt crisis when Europe’s economic elite convince him that his roofless henhouse needs to become too big to fail. What starts out as a simple roofing job quickly spirals into a hundred-billion euro project to cover Jude’s native Squanderland in solar panels. But when the latest Eurozone scheme plunges his homeland into darkness, Jude must decide whether listening to the experts or listening to his heart will ultimately save his homeland, himself, and his beloved hen, Enda.

As hilarious as it is illuminating, CRASH! will delight and infuriate in equal measure. And for readers unacquainted with the wonderful and bizarre universe of Julian Gough’s fiction, this story will serve as a perfect introduction.


Almost Tall by Vestal McIntyre.

Vestal McIntyre, whose award-winning books You Are Not the One and Lake Overturn were both named Editor’s Choice by The New York Times Book Review, has a reputation among fans for his, “Vibrant tales [that] blend sadness, insight and wry humor” (Chicago Tribune).

In “Almost Tall,” fourteen-year-old Dinah finds herself plucked from her provincial midwestern ballet class and dropped in her uncle’s glittering New York penthouse. What starts out as a lonely summer quickly becomes a whirl of cocktails and haute couture under the mercurial attention of her uncle’s bombastic and insecure partner, Eddie. With remarkable poise, she struggles against a city that seems determined to turn innocence into cynicism and the young into “strangers to youth.”


The Many Lives of Lilith Lane, by E.V. Anderson

Seventeen-year-old Lilith Lane has a hunk of a boyfriend, a wicked tongue, and a talent for solving the mysteries that pop up in her small home town of Mirabalis. But when her little sister goes missing in the middle of the night, both Lilith’s detective skills and her recall of sophomore year physics are put to the ultimate test.

To save her sister, Lilith must race against the clock with the help of Dr. Hammer, a mad scientist who pushes Lilith off the edge – literally – of his reality-bending skyscraper. Lilith’s world is turned upside down by her sister’s disappearance, and a skyscraper that is also a portal to a parallel universe suddenly doesn’t seem that surreal. With Dr. Hammer’s help, Lilith must put her girl detective skills to the test and try to save her sister.

A dashing snail expert, a scheming beauty queen, and the heir to a great advertising fortune are just a few of the unforgettable characters who round out the cast in this rollicking tale of love, loyalty, and multiple Earths.


Hacker Mom, by Austen Rachlis

Becky Taylor seems like a typical suburban stay-at-home mom with a loving husband and an adorable son, but she has a secret. In between juggling judgmental playgroup moms, an intense career-minded prosecutor of a husband, and a sister who can’t stop reminding her of her old ambitions, Becky moonlights for one of the world’s most controversial websites, helping to expose state and corporate secrets. To make matters worse, now the feds are on her tail.
The more complicated Becky’s life becomes, the more equipped she feels to handle it. Who says you can’t be one of the world’s most dangerous international whistleblowers and still make a killer meatloaf?

Love Is Strong as Death, by Carolyn Nash

Rachel Elliot is a smart and cynical investigative journalist with a passion for exposing the truth behind every story. But when her editor asks her to look into a controversial real-estate deal involving an elusive tech billionaire and a supposedly haunted house, she unexpectedly uncovers dark secrets about her own past. With a beautiful pharmaceutical heiress, a relentless colleague, and one of the world’s most famous Internet innovators all staking a claim on her past and her future, it’s up to Rachel to figure out what binds this group together before fate overtakes them.