Twitter Fiction Festival Live Event

We are co-hosting a live event for the Twitter Fiction Festival on December 1, 2012 at the New York Public Library. Yael Goldstein Love served as one of the panelists that selected the participants. Details below!  

Jenny on “The Third Tier” of Publishing

The Seattle Times just published this piece by Jenny on the emergence of the “third tier” of publishing, and what we can learn from the blogging revolution. WHEN I was a young New York Times technology reporter at the turn … Continued

Jeff Bezos standing in front of our Plympton covers

Jeff Bezos standing in front of our three Plympton covers — “Hacker Mom,” “The Many Lives of Lilith Lane,” and “Love is Strong as Death” — at the September 6, 2012 Amazon event in Santa Monica. (This picture is from … Continued